Diamonds are an allotrope of carbon; they are the hardest known natural substance on earth, the only way you can scratch a diamond is with another diamond. They can withstand heat of up to 700 degrees (Celsius) which makes them almost fireproof. They formed billions of years ago through a combination of immense pressure's and temperature's of up to 2000 degrees (Celsius) at depths of between 75 to 200 miles beneath the earth's surface. Because all these qualities are rare and of natural occurrence, the cost of diamonds is very high.

How to pick the perfect shape for a diamond!
Choosing the appropriate diamond shape when surprising your partner does not have to be a hard task. It is usually a reflection of their personality, for example: Does she wear any rings or earrings? what shape are they? This will give you an idea of what she likes. We have an incredible selection of round and "fancy shape" diamonds. All of our diamonds are certified and graded by GIA or HRD to have FL-SI2 clarity, D-J colour, Excellent, Very good or Good cut
The Size
When choosing the size of the diamond it is usually based on the individuals price range; the bigger the carat the more expensive the diamond will be. Everyone is different, some people may compensate the clarity to get a bigger carat or you can get a much better clarity with a smaller carat.
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18 Carat Gold or Platinum?
At Fedeli Jewellery we are experienced in using 18ct gold or platinum for our high end jewellery. The differences between them is that platinum is much more durable than gold is. Apart from platinum lasting much longer it is also good if you are looking to purchase a white metal ring as you never need to re-plate platinum rings.